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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is in Singapore!

Kindle Paperwhite & Leathercase

Finally my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has arrive in Singapore! Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is still not shipping its Amazon Kindle to Singapore but i ordered it through the methods i found online. One popular and good post to get Kindle to Singapore is by Jeff’s Blog.

The first book i purchase is – The Prosecutor by Glenn Knight and i am already half way finishing the book in less than 12 hours my kindle has arrive. The kindle arrive through DHL via Comgateway.

I’m going to write a simple steps here on how i got my kindle from Amazon and how i start with my first book purchase.

You will need to have 2 Amazon accounts first through 2 different emails. 1 email is for your location to be in Singapore another 1 email is for you to be virtually in USA. So prepare 2 different email accounts and register on Amazon. You will also need a virtual address which can be registered for free via ComGateway and lastly a VPN account to make you virtually located USA.

1. Register both your account in Amazon and create two accounts. The Singapore account register with your location indicating in Singapore, inputting your Singapore address is optional anyway. After that register your USA account and indicate your location as USA where you will need to key in your USA address.

2. You will need to obtain your virtual USA address which i will recommend ComGateway as i heard VPost sometimes screws up your shipment. Register your ComGateway account and obtain your USA address which will show something like this:

Your U.S. Address
17146 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OREGON 97230
Tel: 503-914-6317

Input the address in your Amazon USA account. (Remember place in your own address obtained from ComGateway not mine unless you want to send me a free gift ;D)

3. Use your Singapore Amazon account and buy a gift card from the website. If you are intending to buy the Kindle and Leather Case you may wish to buy a uS$200 gift card. I opt for the non-ads version of Kindle Paperwhite which cost US$139 and the Kindle Leather Case which cost US$39.90 and the remaining of US$200 you can use it for purchasing your first e-book!

4. After your purchase the gift card, send it over to your US Amazon account and apply the gift card. Once you have applied the gift card you can start to buy your Kindle and ship it to your Comgateway address.

5. Once your parcel arrives to Comgateway factility in USA, Portland. ComGateway will send you an email and notify you that your item has arrive at their facility. Select the option and ship it out to your Singapore address. The fee for shipping of a Kindle Paperwhite and Leathercase is around US$18 if you choose express shipment.

6. Lastly the shipment will arrive to your Singapore address within a couple of days. You may go to DHL website and key in your Waybill No. indicated on Comgateway to track your shipment and look forward for its arrival!

Arrival of Kindle Shipment

So what do you do after you receive your Kindle? Turn it on! Select your language and connect to your wireless at home and register it to link with your Amazon USA account. DO NOT purchase any ebooks via your Kindle as this might cause your account to be suspended.

Here’s the steps to purchase ebooks via Amazon website. You will need to be virtually appearing in USA first to buy it due to some copyrights issue.

1. Get a VPN account where you will need to pay for it at times to have it. But for me i found a free VPN account that allows me with 100mb free usage which is Private Tunnel. Till now i have used it for only 10mb for purchasing so i guess you can use it for some time before getting additional usage which cost US12 for 50GB. You can use it for VERY long for 50GB!

2. The VPN works on Windows, Mac, Android phones and iOS phones. So you can select the option and setup your VPN connections to purchase your books. Simply connect to the VPN account and go to and make sure it indicates your location out of Singapore, usually it appears to be in USA/UK.

3. Once you are virtually overseas, you may login to your Amazon USA account and apply your gift card and start buying books! Once you finish buying the book it will automatically sync onto your Kindle when you are connected to any wireless network (does not need to connect to VPN to have it loaded).

And the very last step of it? Enjoy your reading on Kindle!

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